Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You'd Never See "That" in Cairo #2

My in-laws' beautiful garden.

Just a little of the sqaush they have gathered.

Some of the squash they have frozen.

A recent post I did was on the place we are staying in the States. That place is my in-laws' home. Just thought I'd post another thing about their home that you probably would not see in Cairo.

They have a beautiful garden, and since being here, I have noticed that there is one particular vegetable that is growing in over-abundantly right now, and that vegetable is squash. They have bags and bags of green and yellow squash already cut up and put in their freezer, and on a daily basis they are gathering bags and buckets of it. They are even trying to give it away when they can so that none of it goes to waste.

One of my favorite ways that my in-laws cook it is to slice it, sprinkle it with different spices and herbs and then grill it. Boy is it yummy this way. Another way it can be used is to make "Zuchinni Bread", which I would like to do here soon. If I do, I will do a post on it and the recipe.

The reason I say "You'd never see "that" in Cairo", is because even though there are lots and lots of farmers in Egypt who grow tons of fruits and vegetables, there is hardly anyone who has their own garden just for the purpose of feeding their own family. The main reason is just because people do not own land. The vast majority of people live in apartments so they don't even have the opportunity to have a garden. The nice thing is though, is that fruits and vegetables are fairly cheap is is a staple of the Egyptian diet.

Above you can see the pictures of my in-laws' beautiful garden and the beautiful squash they have gotten from it.


  1. That's interesting about not having gardens in Egypt. Does anyone even have pots of cherry tomatoes on their balconey?
    I love summer squash too. Made a nice pasta casserole last night with huge zucchinis that we got from a neighbor.
    Have fun eating that squash!!!

  2. Dedene, I think there could be people who grow some things on their balconies, but I have never seen anyone. One thing that I think people might grow would be there own herbs, but again, never seen it for myself.

  3. What delicious looking squash. We didn't get pumpkin or squash in West Africa. Only yellow vegetables were carrots. Since being back in SA I don't eat carrots on their own -in stews, soups, salads, yes, but not alone - I was tired of them to say the least! Hugs Jo

  4. What a beautiful garden! Lots of squash though, lol!
    Enjoy your holiday there.

  5. Jo, I love carrots, but if that was all we had, I would probably get tired of them too.

    Flo, yes, my in-laws are very talented in this area. And, thanks, I'm enjoying my time here alot.