Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Trip to Silver Dollar City

One of our favorite rides there, "Wildfire"

My husband and two sons at the beginning of "Wildfire"

Tim and Levi rode "The Lost River". You usually get soaked on this ride.

Riding the train. We got robbed. This is the robber and the conductor.

A lady making peanut brittle.

A man who made beautiful knives.

Funnel Cake, Yum!

A lady that was in character.

A man that was in character.

One of my favorite places to go when I am back home is a place called "Silver Dollar City". It is a theme park that takes you back to the simple life of the 1880s in America. One of the things I love about this theme park is that it is so family friendly. Another thing I love, is that there is something for everyone.

This is a list of what SDC offers on a daily basis during the season they are open:

-A Culinary and Craft School featuring cooking and craft classes.
-30 thrilling attractions and rides.
-60 unique craft shops.
-Live entertainment featuring more than 40 shows daily.
-Branson Craftsmen demonstrating skills in pioneer crafts.
-A dozen family friendly restaurants offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My husband, our two boys and I went to Silver Dollar City yesterday. Our daughter did not get to go because she had to work. The first thing we did after we entered the park was go ride our favorite roller-coaster "Wildfire". There are some pictures above of this roller-coaster, and one of Tim and the boys as the ride was just beginning.

Another neat thing about the park is that all of the employees dress as if they were still living in the 1880s. They are always in character. I think it would be so much fun to have a job here.

There are tons of craft items also that are made by craftsmen right there in Silver Dollar City. Usually, you can go around to the craft stores and watch each craft being made. There are glass-blowers who make beautiful glass items such as vases, jewelry, all different kinds of dishes, and tons of little trinkets. There are blacksmiths, woodcarvers, women who make quilts, rag dolls, lye soap, etc. I could go on and on.

The food here is also spectacular. One could easily gain a few pounds in just one day from the homemade taffy, pork rinds, straberries or peaches and cream, funnel cakes, and all of the good Southern cookin.

Also, the entertainment in fantastic. There is all sorts of shows going on all over the park, from gospel singing groups, country or blue-grass music, comical shows, and kids' shows. One of the most popular ones that has been around for ages is the Saloon Show. Yes, there is a saloon in Silver Dollar City, but don't worry, the strongest beer they serve is Root Beer.

If you would like to check out Silver Dollar City for yourself, here is a link that you can do that.

I have posted quite a few pictures, but it was hard to choose just a few. Hope you enjoy them.


  1. Fat lady at the cook stove in a THERE is my dream job.

  2. @eloh, LOL! Actually her job is to tell people as they come through, what life would have been like for women living in a log cabin. But, that wouldn't be a bad job either.

  3. Oh, I could sit there all day and run my mouth.

    Noticed you were behind the camera on some of those wet rides. I guess "someone" had to stay on dry ground and document the wild rides. Sure they did.

  4. I want to go on the Wildfire ride! The park looks like so much fun. How nice that they keep up oldtime crafts and skills. That would be a fun place to work.

  5. @eloh, I do not like getting soaked while we are there. You just feel miserable walking around trying to dry. Yes, I would love that job too. :o)

    Dedene, yes, I love roller-coasters. I rode Wildfire once that day, but I had a headache and it just made it worse. They have another one there called "The powder keg". The beginning of the ride starts with it shooting you off from 0 to 60 (I think) in just a few seconds.