Friday, July 3, 2009

More Surprises

Seems like my family loves to surprise me. Last March, my son Levi and I were the only ones in our family, and amongst some of our friends, that did not know my daughter Kaily was coming to Egypt for a visit. I was sitting in our apartment, waiting for Tim to get home. I heard the front door open, and assuming it was Tim, just kept watching TV. All of a sudden, someone came up behind me, and started kissing me on the cheek. I almost had a heart attack when I turned around and realised it was my daughter. What a wonderful surprise!!

Well, a couple of days ago, I was surprised by my family again. As you all know, we recently returned to the States for a visit, and I was at my sister's house. Someone knocked on the door, and I did not think anything of it because we were expecting my sister's best friend and her kids. Well, imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw one of my favorite uncles, who I had not seen in 12 years. Then in walked my cousin, and an aunt who I had not seen for a very long time as well. I have to say I was very, very close to tears.

Again, my whole family knew about this. From what I heard, my sister had let it slip a couple of times in front of me, but I was so busy playing with my niece that I didn't hear her.

My uncle, aunt, and cousin that were here are from Oregon, and I am sad to say that they are already on their way back. But, I am so glad that it worked out they were still here for a couple of days after we arrived. It was such a blessing.

In the picture above, I am standing between my aunt and uncle (who are brother and sister). Also in the picture is my cousin with her husband and their little boy. The other picture is one of my favorite pictures of me and my daughter Kaily.


  1. You are blessed with much love, which only happens when you are giving it in return.

    Have a continued wonderful time.

  2. Hi Jackleen;) that is so exciting. I'm thrilled for you that your sister arranged that you coulc meet with your aunt and uncle while you were with her. I love surprises and am always organising one or another such as this. Have a blessed time with your loved ones in the US. Happy Independence Day. (((Hugs and blessings) Jo xxx