Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You'd never see "That" in Cairo #1

A view from one of our previous apartments in Cairo. We lived on the 18th floor here.

The front of my in-laws' home.

The back of my in-laws' home.

A view of their back yard.

As I was driving around today, I kept seeing things that made me think "Hmm, you'd never see that in Cairo". So, I decided to do a series of posts of things that one might see here in the States (or in Missouri) but you would never see in Cairo, or things that might be different.

I thought I'd do the first one on the place we are staying in the States. We are staying with my husband's parents, and they have a beautiful, ranch-style home with a basement. Also, their home sits on 10 acres. There is a lot of wooded area, and they have several horses on the back part of it. Most homes in Cairo are apartments, and one has lots and lots of people around, above and under them. My in-laws have neighbors, but only one family to the South of them and one family to the North.

Where we stay in the States has lots of "green" around it. By this I mean trees and grass. In Cairo, there is just a lot of "beige". Most of the buildings are one form of this color, and then you have the desert. Most of the land mass around my in-laws home is grass-covered land, and in Cairo it is mainly concrete.

Fortunately, Tim and I have moved to a new area just a little outside of Cairo, and there is a little more greenery in the form of grass and trees. So we have a bit of a mixture of what we are used to in the State, and what there is in Cairo.