Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's Going On Now

Well, most of the excitement has died down now. There are still lots of young people very excited about the possibilities of the future of Egypt. Everywhere you go, people are still talking about "the revolution" and what took place between January 25th and February 11th. We still have a military presence around, but it isn't as heavy, and still, there is not much of a police presence. Even when there are police around, the people do not trust them or like them. Because of this, violence is up a little. For such a huge city, we used to feel like it was ok to let our kids run around with their friends pretty freely, but some of that is more limited now.

Very few schools and universities have started back. Because of this, it seems like summer vacation, and people are everywhere. Restaurants, malls, food courts, etc. are filled to capacity with kids and young people. And the worst thing is that young kids are out very late playing outside. They are so noisy at night it is hard to get to sleep and have a good night's rest. I have heard though, that schools will reopen tomorrow (Saturday), and hopefully that will give everyone more of a symblance of normalcy.

Young people are still out in droves cleaning the streets and even painting the curbing of the streets. This is a good thing. I truly hope and pray that the young people will gain such a pride for their country that this type of attitude and enthusiasm continue, and that they will rise up and make Egypt as great a nation as it used to be.


  1. You didn't mention one the best updates!!! That you are home again :)

  2. Oh Yeah! I don't feel like it yet. Did you know I will be going in on Sunday to be with Daisy for a day. (Maybe Monday too.)