Friday, February 11, 2011

What Now?

Well, like I said in my last post, "Who knows what tomorrow will bring?" When I wrote that post, the farthest thing from my mind that I expected to happen, was what happened. I expected the demonstrations to go on alot longer. People in Egypt were saying they could go on for months.

Yes, I'm glad it is over, but I can't help but think, "What will happen now?" The world saw the masses that demonstrated, the hundreds of thousands of people across Egypt that wanted Mubarak out, but I would be interested to know just how many people did not want him out. Egypt is a country with 80 million people, and I have already heard from people that are sad and anxious about what has happened and what will happen next.

While I am hopeful, and remain optimistic, we have to face the fact that Egypt's future has never been so uncertain, and regardless of what the media is showing, there are people here who are worried.

We saw what looked like the whole of Egypt united. Now that the demonstrators got what they wanted, the true color of the Egyptian people will come out. I am proud of what they did, especially that they did it peacefully. If you know anyone from this part of the world, you know that they are very passionate people. I hope and pray they stay united; that they do not break into the factions that exist, such as secular/fundamental, Christian/Muslim, rich/poor and even factions within these factions.

We have lived here for 9 years, and during that time we have made friends that span all of these factions. We have come to know some of them very well. We have been there for their celebrations and their hardships. We have been there through weddings, new births, business openings, deaths in the families, and they have been there with us when we have needed them. We have come to love these people and feel as close to some of them as family.

Yes, we do not know what is next for Egypt, but we can only hope and pray that its future will be bright and all of its people will stand united and be proud of what they accomplished together.


  1. Yes, Jackie, I hope and pray with your for a united nation and peace to reign in Egypt once more. Blessings and God's protection over you-all. Jo

  2. I hope the changes are peaceful and good for the whole and not just parts.