Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a Quick Update

Don't remember if I posted these pictures on here before, but this is me and my KG 2 class. The little Sudanese boy is not here anymore, so I am down to four, but, aren't they cute?

Well, somethings are back to normal. McDonalds and other restaurants are now open. A couple of days ago I got to enjoy my favorite cup of coffee from Costa Coffee; my first in two weeks.

But, some things are not back to normal. There are still tanks on the streets and lots and lots of people still demonstrating. I do not believe, at this point, things will every be back to the "normal" we experienced before.

As I write this, rumors are circulating that Mubarak is stepping down. Who knows if it's true. Only time will tell. Also, at this point, I don't think Mubarak stepping down is going to please the demonstrators. They have so many demands. I just hope and pray that his stepping down, if that happens, will please the majority. Mubarak is supposed to address the people tonight, so, hopefully we'll know more tomorrow.

Another thing that seems like it is not changing for the time being is my status as a teacher. I will be continuing as a Kindergarten teacher, at least for a while. We have had several of our teachers and their families leave, so we are scrambling to get substitutes and fill the positions so we can get back to school. I was so looking forward to being a full-time housewife again, but hey, life doesn't always go the way we want it, does it?

In times like these, who knows what tomorrow will bring, but as a popular song says "I know who holds tomorrow....", and that always makes tomorrow a little easier to face.


  1. I pray that Mubarak's address tonight is peaceful and accepted by the majority. And yes, Jackie, praise God that He holds tomorrow. Safety and protection over you all . Blessings Jo

  2. Jo and Sarah, thanks for your comments and encouragment. May God be with Egypt and its people.