Friday, February 4, 2011

Focus on the Good

A widely circulated photo of Christians surrounding Muslims during their prayer time to keep them safe.
Egyptians are using whatever they can find to make barriers into neighborhoods to protect the people and their belongings.

These next 2 photos are of the men who have come together and are protecting the streets, literally around the clock.

The whole world is watching what is going on in Egypt. It is kind of surreal being here at this time. As my younger son said "It's kind of cool being here right now." For those of you who know him, you understand. Our family has received so many emails, phone calls, and posts on Facebook to tell us they are praying for us. There is nothing like being in a country going through a revolution to help you get thrown to the forefront of peoples' minds. We are so thankful for all of the prayers.

The sad thing is, in lots of cases, people who have reached us have told us of things they have heard on the news that is not true or are over exaggerated.

For one, someone told us they heard on the news that the US was recommending all US citizens should get out of Egypt. A dear friend of mine called Washington, and my husband called the US Embassy here. They both told us the same thing. They said they are advising Americans, if they have enough food, to stay put. They did not know why people were getting the idea the US was promoting the idea of "getting out". There are reportedly somewhere between 50,000 and 90,000 Americans in Egypt, and the last I heard, there had been only around 2,000 that have left.

Another thing that had been reported was that the violence had turned towards foreigners living here and that foreigners were being hunted down, kidnapped, etc. This is very untrue. The Egyptians are very focused on the revolution. They are very focused on coming together, Christian and Muslim, young and old, rich and poor, for one reason: their freedom. They are not even thinking about the foreigners living here right now.

One of the things that can really hurt is the way the media goes about reporting the news. Usually they focus on the bad things that are happening. They fail to focus on the good things. There are so many good things happening here. Neighbors are helping each other. We have met neighbors we may have never met before. They are asking if we are doing ok and if we need anything. We had neighbors bring us water one day when the water had been turned off. This has never happened before. Neighborhoods all over Egypt have formed "Neighborhood watch" groups, to protect their homes, families, and friends.

As a Christian, I read from the Bible that we go through trials. Those trials come into our lives to make us stronger. This is our prayer for Egypt right now. We are praying that what they are going through right now will make them a better and stronger nation. There have been inspiring pictures of people helping each other and putting their differences aside, such as the picture above of the Christians surrounding the Muslims to keep them safe as they pray. This mirrors what happened a few weeks ago when Muslims surrounded churches to keep them safe after a bombing of a church in Alexandria.

How ironic as I am sitting here writing this that CNN is doing a report on how people are helping each other with food and drinks down in Tahrir Square. It is showing how everyone is bringing food and drinks and sharing it with each other. They even offered the reporter and the camera man some. I hope that many across the world see this report of acts of kindness amid all of the reports of violence and anger.

So, even though there have been very rough times during the last week and a half, there is a lot of good coming out of the situation as well. As we say in Egypt, elhumdulallah (sp?), which means "the praise goes to God". This is our prayer.


  1. Jackie, thanks for the true report. I don't see/watch the news but you and all of Egypt have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Amazing photo of the Christians surrounding the Muslims to keep them safe. Having lived in the Sudan until recently, this brings a lump in my throat. Praise God for His people. Praise Him for His protection. Bless you and all in your part of Africa, Jackie. Greetings, Jo

  2. Jo, Yes, the photo of the Christians surrounding the Muslims mirrors what happened here a few weeks ago when Muslims surrounded churches to protect them after the bombing of a church in Alexandria. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by.

  3. Praying for God's protection for you and your family during this time of unrest.
    Gary and Jeanie Phillips

  4. Interesting to read a report from someone there who is not the media. We have had some reporters arrested today.

  5. Thanks to Jo I found your blog. I have been 10 times in Egypt over the years and learned to appreciate and like the people here. I had never had a bad experience and I don't believe all they say in the News. I live in Belgium and the Belgians who live in Egypt stay. Even the tourists who are right now at the Red Sea stay until their holidays are finished. Of course there are no new bookings for just now. I intend to go back in November as I do each year and hope that meanwhile there will be a new government. Mubarak was good in the beginning, but 30 years is really too long !

  6. Thanks Diane and Gattina. I appreciate your comments.

  7. I've popped on over from Jo's blog @ Memorable Meanders at her suggestion today. It's always good to get the grass-roots perspective of people actually living through any situation personally. I live in SA and we get a lot of negative media hype, so I always try to find a more balanced point of view through wider reading of issues. It's quite marvellous how much the internet with blogging, Twitter & Facebook have opened up the world for everyone who is fortunate enough to have access to this technology. Your report is most heartening. Thank you!

  8. Thanks Desiree for popping by and thanks for your comment.

  9. I also add my prayers to the people of Egypt! Thank you for Your truthful reporting! I Also heard on the news that Americans should Leave...Media...morons.
    Stay safe!

  10. Thanks Donna. All prayers are greatly needed and appreiated.

  11. I found you through Jo's blog. Amazing photos and I am heartened to see the Christians offering their help and support. May God be with all living in this place of unrest at this time. I too am hearing the media in the US warning all Americans to return....

  12. Thanks Carol, yes, that is one really good thing that has come about from these demonstrations. They are not identifying themselves right now as "Muslim" and "Christian" but as "Egyptian".

  13. May your family stay safe and strong. You are living what will be history.