Thursday, September 2, 2010

Snapshot: More Transportation

In Egypt, there are lots of ways to get from one place to another, and since I have been talking about transportation, I thought I would post this picture we took one morning on our way to school. Now, I don't know if these young men were on their way to school or not, but apparently the mini van was too full for them to sit on the inside. We see this quite a bit, and honestly, it scares me to death. As you could probably tell, they don't have as many "safety" laws here. Basically, you can travel almost any way you choose.

My family and I NEVER ride in one of these mini vans, let alone ride on the outside. These vans almost literally "fly" down the road and zip in and out of traffic like there's no tomorrow. I think there are more accidents and deaths related to these vans than any other type of vehicle on the road here. With so many options of transport, I have no idea why people choose to ride in them.


  1. Oh no, Jackleen, this isn't a sight I see here in Khartoum, but was while living in Guinea, West Africa. I even saw passengers in car boots with a bicycle. It is scary. Have a wonderful day, my friend. (((Hugs))) Jo

  2. I agree with you Jackie, my family agrees that it's really dangerous to ride in one of those. We never ride in them too. I've seen so many accidents because of the careless drivers of the minivans.

    But I guess some people choose to ride in them because they're the most available, there is always one whenever and wherever you need it but other people have no choice because its the only thing they can afford. They're the cheapest form of transportation, some cost 25, 50 piasters or 1 pound.

    Nice blog Jackie, I like your posts, they're very interesting.

  3. Sarah, yes, I guess that is why a lot of people use them, because of their financial situation. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the encouragment. See you soon. ;o)

  4. Jo, thanks for stopping by again. ((Hugs)) back to you. ;o)