Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Back

So sorry for the long delay between posts. We just returned to Egypt about 3 weeks ago. As we say in America, we hit the ground running, and we haven't stopped. Also, our internet has been a big source of stress since we got back. We just got it back to normal yesterday.

Most of you know that last year I taught the 3rd grade here, but this year I am teaching KG 2. It is such a big change, and it is taking alot of my time to make the switch.

Above are some pictures of some of my students in their computer class and also some pictures of some of the 2nd graders reading to my students. Aren't they cute?

I just love teaching at a school like this. There is so much variety in the nationalities of the students. Our school has Egyptians, Americans, Koreans, Brazilians, Sudanese, Mexicans, and probably even others that I cannot think of right now.

This is just another experience of living in a foreign land.


  1. Oh Jackleen, this is just SO precious. Thanks for sharing and welcome back to Africa! Bless you my friend, Hugs Jo

  2. Nice to see you back in the land of blogging again, Jackie ! The kids are so cute & it looks like a well equipped classroom they have there ... (P.S. Love your new header photo !)

  3. Jo, thanks so much. Yes, the kids are really precious. I feel a little out of my league teaching KG instead of 3rd grade, but as we learned as a class this week, "Nothing is impossible with God." ;o)

  4. Lynda, thanks for stopping by. Yes, we are fortunate to have the school grounds and equipment we have. God has been so good to us.