Monday, September 6, 2010

Thought: The Hardest Part of Living Overseas

The "whole" family.

My parents with my sister and me.

My Mom and Dad. I just love this picture.

The hardest part of living overseas is having to say good-bye to friends and family. We have had a wonderful time here in the States this summer and have really enjoyed getting to see friends and family that we do not get to see most of the year. After living for so many years overseas (8 1/2 years), this part is hard which ever place we are leaving. Of course, all of our family is here in the States, but we have made many, many friends in Egypt as well, and it is hard to say good-bye to them when we are travelling to the States. It isn't quite as hard though because we still spend the majority of our time in Egypt.

Above are some pictures of me and my family here in the States. It is a picture of my sister and her three daughters, my parents, and me, my husband and our three kids. This is the first picture like this that my family has taken, and I think they turned out rather well.

The reason for this "thought" is that we leave to return to Egypt tomorrow. In a way I'm excited. We get to get back to our own home and our "normal" life and routine there, but in another way I'm sad. It will be at least another 9 months to a year before we get to see our family members again, and that is if we don't decide to just stay in Egypt for the summer next year. Please say a prayer for us that our trip will go smoothly and that the jet lag won't be too bad.

Well, next time you "hear" from me will be from my other home, on the other side of the world.


  1. What a lovely family you have! It's so lovely to take a pic of everyone together, when you look at them, it makes them to be nearer to you. Well they are all in your heart anyway.
    Have a safe journey.
    Flo xx

  2. Thanks Flo. We made it safely, and you are right, it will help to have these pictures around.

  3. What a beautiful family you are, Jackleen. And your parents are so lovely and serene. I'm sure it was a wrench to leave all your loved ones. I pray for all your safety in the loving arms of Jesus as you live apart from each other for the next few months. Blessings my friend, Jo

  4. Thanks Jo. I do miss my family alot, but God has provided so many friends and "family" here, it is hard to be away from them as well. Blessings to you too. Jackie

  5. I definitely understand how you feel. We just got back Sept 15 from KY and it's hard to leave the *whole* family behind.