Friday, August 27, 2010

Snapshot: Transportation to School #2

If you thought riding to school in the back of a small truck would be difficult, try this one.

Even in the States, where we are from in SW Missouri, I would not be too excited about riding a motorcycle to school, but here, in Cairo Egypt, it would be my worst nightmare. First of all, just thinking about breathing in all of the exhaust from the traffic makes me tremble. I do not even like to ride around in my car with the windows down because of this. There are so many cars on the road, and Egypt does not have the regulated laws on exhaust emissions. Secondly, it would just be scary because of sheer number of cars and the crazy way they drive. Being in a car on the streets of Cairo is dangerous enough, but being on a motorcycle is even more dangerous. Unfortunately, we have seen lots of accidents involving motorcycles. And, last but not least, some families (like the one you see above) probably can only afford a motorcycle, so, the whole family travels together, on the motorcycle. We have seen some crazy things in Cairo, but this one blows my mind every time I see it. My son Levi said he has even seen a family traveling on a motorcycle with a goat sandwiched in between two of the riders. Maybe someday I will see something like this and be able to snap a picture for you to see. If you are like me, and from the "Show-me" state of Missouri, you may not believe it until you see it.


  1. Oh Jackleen, I've seen this in Guinea. The smallest baby was on the petrol tank in front of his father while another adult female sat on the back behind [her sister?] and the toddler in the middle. I haven't seen this in Khartoum. Thanks for showing me once again, to be grateful for our large Landcruiser which I will board to go shopping in the city today. Bless you my friend. When do you return to Cairo? (((Hugs))) Jo

  2. Jo, yes we see this quite often. It looks scary for the person on the back, doesn't it? We go back to Cairo on the 7th of Sept. Can't wait. Our daughter is going back with us for a year, so, we will have 2 kids there and 1 here.