Friday, August 6, 2010


Every once in a while, when I don't have time to post much, I am just going to post a picture, probably with a short explanation. I just thought I would post this one of me and the camel. Lots of you have probably seen it because it is the first picture I used for my blog, but there may be some out there who haven't seen it.

I am fascinated with camels. I think they are so neat. My son just happened to snap this picture one day when we were at the pyramids, and it looks like the camel is smiling. I just love it.


  1. Hi Jackie; I love the photo too and have smiled at it everytime I opened your blog before. (It was your header photo, not so?) I've been off and away in SA and not a good blogger at all. Back now again and catching up. I love your new header. Is that a sail boat on the Nile. Stunnning capture. Blessings Jo

  2. Jo, yes, that photo was my header photo for a while, and yes, that is a sailboat on the Nile. My husband took that picture while we were on a sail boat (called a falukah) on the Nile as well. Thanks for dropping by. ;o)