Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Lonely Classroom

Just thought I'd post a picture of my classroom. As you know from my previous post our school has been closed now for a couple of weeks. I, as a teacher though, have still been going to work. It was kind of nice because it gave us teachers time to work on long range lesson plans and other things we usually have to work on in our free hours during school. Well, I got lots of work done, but still have more, and on top of that, the students brought in work they had finished on Wednesday of last week. So now I have lots and lots of grading to do.

Most of the schools here in Egypt started as of yesterday. Our school will start again on this next Wednesday. Tuesday, the 6th, is a national holiday here, so we already had a break scheduled during this time. As some of the teachers and students' families use this time to travel, we decided to just keep it as a break.

I will be really happy when I can return to school on Wednesday though and see lots of little smiling faces (I hope they are smiling) instead of the empty desks as you can see above. I will try to remember to take a picture of the students so you can see the classroom when it isn't so lonely.


  1. You must be proud of the room you have. I love the wooden desks.

  2. I had to go catch up...for some reason my blog roll didn't pick up your last two posts.

    Imagine my surprise to see a classroom! So, eight students, do you speak their languages? Do you just find yourself explaining things s-l-o-w-l-y?

    It is really a beautiful room, I too, love those desks.

  3. QMM, Thanks. My room is pretty bare compared to some of the teachers. Some of them had quite a while to get their rooms ready. I returned to Egypt on a Friday and started teaching on a Sunday. Another lady decorated my room for me. The wooden desks are all made by a local carpenter. :o)

  4. @eloh, good to hear from you. The students all speak English. I don't have to explain things slowly, but sometimes have to re-explain things. Since they all are not native English speakers, sometimes there are words or concepts they don't understand. The nice thing is the students help each other. Because 4 of them are Korean, when one of them don't understand something in English, the other ones explain in Korean, and same idea with the Egyptians.