Friday, September 25, 2009

School's Out

If you didn't know it, I am teaching the 3rd grade in my son's school this year. I have taught part-time before, but this is my first year teaching full-time. So far, it has gone really well. I only have eight students, but that is enough to keep me really busy. We have a very big mix of nationalities at our school. My class includes 4 Korean students, 3 Egyptians, and 1 Swedish student. None of my students are native English speakers which can make it a little difficult at times. Most of them have been in the "English Speaking" school system for a while though and have a good understanding of the language.

I really wanted to have a picture of my class posted before now, but last week something unexpected happened. Most of the schools here in Egypt have been closed due to Ramadan that was going on, but also because of the H1N1 virus. We have not had any cases of H1N1 in our school, but this was just done as a precaution. Our school, which is a private school, started at the normal time along with some other private schools. Well, unexpectedly, the government has been able to demand that all schools shut their doors at least until after the 6th of October, which is a national holiday here.

Now this in no way means a "vacation" for us. We as teachers, hurried around and prepared 1 1/2 weeks worth of school work for the kids. This meant the teachers still had to put in 7 or more hours of work a day. Also, there are other things outside the class that have to be done such as long-range lesson plans, etc. So, this isn't a "vacation", but it is giving us some extra time to do things that have to be done.

It is a little frustrating, probably especially for the parents, as they have to oversee that their child is getting their work done, but....things like this happen, especially living in a foreign land.

Lord willing, here in a couple of weeks the school will open again and I will be able to take a picture of my students and you can see the sweet children (and ornery at times) that I have the responsibility and privilege of teaching this year.


  1. Eight students is a wonderful blessing for you and the children. How good that is to know you have enough time to really help each one of them. Even in a private school here, there are not that many small classes. Love hearing about you and your surroundings.

  2. Hi QMM, Thanks for dropping in. Yes, it is nice only having 8 students. My class is actually the biggest in the school, I think. I have to say though, I miss them right now.