Friday, October 30, 2009

Transportation in Egypt

Sometimes, while driving down the road we see some pretty scary things. This is just one of the things, that unfortunately, we see quite a lot. We just happened to see this on the way in to school one morning and I had hubby snap a quick picture. While we see these kind of things quite often, it is hard to get actual pictures of them because we either do not have the camera with us, or we are moving too fast in traffic and don't have the time to get the camera out and take the picture before the opportunity is gone. We see so many things like this that would be illegal in the States because of safety laws. I will try to keep my camera with me more often so that we can snap some of these type of pictures. It is too bad we couldn't get this on actual video as the mini-van was moving at an alarmingly fast speed.


  1. Hello there! I came across your blog through QueenMotherMamaw. I live in Kuwait so can appreciate what life is like in a foreign land. This snapshot is a pretty scary sight. I've never seen anything like that here. I do know that once in Jordan, they were loading up a bus we were on so much that I thought eventually they would have them hanging from the roof. HA! We have not been to Egypt before but have plans to come during the next Eid at the end of November. Your kitty is very cute! Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Tammy, thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, we see alot of this type of stuff and more. They probably have more regulations against this type of stuff in Kuwait. Hope you have fun in Egypt.

  3. Hoot! I can just imagine the kind of creative transportation you see there. I've seen some weird stuff here in France, too. But of course, it's all illegal.
    Have a great Halloween!