Monday, June 22, 2009

A Special Outing

As most of you know, Sunday was Fathers' Day in the US, but Egypt does not have a Fathers' Day. Due to a planned activity our son Levi had, we were not able to do anything for Tim on Sunday, but yesterday (Monday) we took him to the nicest Mall in Cairo for a special lunch and day.

In Cairo we have a lot of nice, American restaurants, especially in this Mall, called City Stars. Tim chose to go to Fuddruckers. Some of the restaurants are very comparible to the ones in the States, but Fuddruckers does not. We were a little disappointed in the food we received. Not that the food was bad. It was good, but the portion we received was like that of a kid's portion in the States, but all in all we were satisfied.

Later, we went to our favorite coffee place here, called Costa. They have great coffee, frappacinos and sandwiches. We also have Starbucks here, and we sometimes go there when we just want a simple coffee or American coffee, but they are quite a bit more expensive when you are in the mood for a specialty item.

Even though Egypt does not have Fathers' Day, they do have Mothers' Day. The Mothers' Day here is in March, so, I get the privilege of having two Mothers' Days. For America's Mothers' Day, I chose to go to Ruby Tuesday, and Tim and Levi took me out for a wonderful special dinner there. Can't remember where we went for Egypts'.

I know this is a little late, but I hope all the Fathers out there had a special day last Sunday, and I just wanted to say that I thank God for Tim, and that he is such a great Dad and Husband. I'm very blessed to have him as a husband.


  1. Hi Jackleen;) thanks for this special post for the special men in our [and our childrens'] lives. I've been trying to ascertain: are you Americans by birth? I keep relating to you as a South African. Have you lived here, or are you South Africans? Sorry : I couldn't find a post to clear up my query. (((Hugs))) Jo

  2. Hi Jo! I tried one time to update my profile but it wouldn't work. DH and I both are from the States. We've lived here in Egypt for 7 1/2 years though.

    Thanks for reading! Jackie