Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miss Kitty goes to summer home.

Some of you probably read my 2nd post. It was all about Miss Kitty, our cat. We adopted her from a shelter here in Cairo this past Winter. She wasn't a kitten when we got her. She was around a year and 7 months old. I think they said she was born in June of 2007, so, she has probably already had her 2nd birthday.

She was found with a litter of kittens on the streets of Cairo, by a female Doctor here. This woman then took her and her kittens to this shelter to be looked after and cared for. They named her Nagua (after the woman that found her), but when we brought her home, we found out that it is not the norm here to give animals actual "human" names, so we started calling her Miss Kitty.

As many of you know, we will be traveling to the U.S. to see our family there, so, we had to find her a place to stay while we are gone. I kind of felt like Miss Kitty knew something was going on as of yesterday. Last night, she started following me from room to room and jumping up on my lap a little more than usual. Then this morning, first thing, she planted herself on my lap and did not want to get down.

Tim quickly snapped a few pictures of her on my lap because she was getting into some funny positions. Then, he took the picture of me holding her. This is right before we left for the shelter. Then finally, there is a picture of her at the shelter. She wasn't too happy. They will not keep her couped up in this cage all of the time. They will let her out some once she gets used to her surroundings and being around other cats again.

The shelter we took her to is called EMRO, which stands for "Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization". I explained in a previous post that the Egyptian Mau is considered to be the original breed of cat here in Egypt. If you would like to find out more about these cats or EMRO, you can go to this link:

It is really quite interesting. This organization adopts cats out all over the world.


  1. Good luck on your trip, and to Miss Kitty.

  2. Ooooooh! Miss Kitty doesn't look like a happy bunny. I'm sure she'll get used to it but you will pay for it when you come back, cats are very grudgy.
    Enjoy your holidays!

  3. @eloh, thanks. Are you feeling better?

    Flo, no she was not happy. I hope she is ok when we get back.

    Thanks for reading guys!

  4. Oh Miss Kitty knew alright that something was going on. Never mind, she be so glad to see you when you return, she'll forget that you left her! (((Hugs))) Jo

  5. Jo, I really miss her. I hope she is doing well. I do know that this particular shelter takes really good care of the cats they board. That isn't true about most of the shelters in Egypt.