Monday, July 11, 2011

Things I Miss

We have been back in the States for 2 weeks now. Even though it has been such a short time, there are things I miss.

One thing I miss is the wonderful coffee shops in Cairo. When we arrived in Cairo back in 2002, there was really only one place that we found that offered a good variety of coffee choices. Now, there are lots of different places to choose from. The place that has our favorite coffee is a place called "Costa", but there are other places such as Starbucks, Cilantro, Harris Cafe, Beanos, Gloria Jeans, and probably several others I am forgetting.

My favorite choice of coffee from Egypt: Cafe Mocha from Costa.

Another thing I miss is being to get almost anything you need delivered to your home. We especially took advantage of the restaurants that delivered. I think I have mentioned this in a post before, but almost all food places in Egypt deliver. You can order by phone, or there is a wonderful website you can go to and order almost anything there, and it is usually delivered to your home in 30 minutes to an hour.

These are the motorcycles McDonalds uses to deliver with. All restaurants, pharmacies and other places deliver with these types of motorcycles.

A third thing I miss is all the wonderful friends we have made while living in Cairo. Not only has God blessed us with many Egyptian friends, but we have made friends from many countries. We have been blessed beyond measure to have been given the opportunity and pleasure of meeting so many interesting and wonderful people.

This is Samea. Samea works at the hair salon I have been going to for around 8 to 8 1/2 years now. I have known her for most of that. The day I went in to say good-bye, she cried.

And last, but definitely not least, the thing I miss the most is my daughter. Our daughter came back to Cairo to live with us last year. She taught some classes at the school our son attends, and when we decided to come back to the States (this time for a year), she decided to stay and teach for another year. It was such a blessing to have her back with us after being away from her for 4 years. Now the tables have turned though, and we are in the States and she is on the other side of the world. It feels different knowing she is there without us, but we do not worry about her much. Remember those friends I talked about earlier? Well, there are enough of them there that I know she will be well taken care of, and besides that, I know God is there with her and watching over her.

Our daughter with some of her students. She is such a good teacher, and she loves her students so much. I'm so proud of her.

I'm sure in the months to come there will be many more things I will start missing about Cairo: this place that has been our home for the past 9 1/2 years, but for now, I'm going to try to enjoy the things I have missed from the States. I'll be posting on those things in the days to come.

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