Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prayer Still Needed

Of course these days, when people mention Egypt, people all over the world are going to think of the recent events that have happened here. The protests, demonstrations, riots, killings, unity among Egyptians, and ultimately a "presumed" victory for the people were all over the news, and these events were all that people could think about for a couple of weeks. Well, it seemed like as fast as these things started happening, they ended. We all hoped and prayed that what seemed "too good to be true" could really happen; that no matter what their differences, religiously, economically, or even gender, Egyptians were uniting and fighting for a better Egypt.

I believe there truly are thousands of people here in Egypt who truly hope and pray for this kind of Egypt, but there are still those here that are looking out for themselves and only wanted the regime to topple in order to bring about their own agendas.

Even as I am writing this, one of the minorities here in Egypt is ensnared in a battle; some even in such danger they are fighting for their lives and existence. I am speaking of the continuing battle between the Christians and the Muslims. Yes, the pictures we saw of Muslims and Christians uniting during the revolution were awesome, and I still stand up and applaud those who were sincere in this, but the fight and tensions that existed before all of this happened were embedded too deep in the hearts and minds of most people here to just go away in a couple of weeks. Just in the past few weeks following the revolution there have been churches burned down, and there was even a monastery that was attacked. Tensions have not eased since the bombing of a church in Alexandria near the 1st of the year also.

There is an area here that people refer to as "garbage village". One of my first posts ever was on this "village", and the picture I am using for my blog right now is taken in this area with some of the children. The majority of the people who live there are Christians. The people who live in this area began protesting against the violence going on against Christians, and they have come under attack for this. There are reports of their homes being burned down, and people being shot in the streets. A friend of ours, who has done a lot of volunteer work in that area has been receiving phone calls from many people in this area saying they are scared for their lives. Please keep these people in your prayers. They deserve the "freedom" that the Egyptian people have been fighting for as well.

See the post above for a news article on these events.

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