Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Cleaner

The picture above is a picture of our son Levi with the Sudanese man who cleans our apartment. He comes once a week and cleans for about 6 hours, and we pay him somewhere between $11.00 and $12.00 for the day. That is good money for cleaners here in Egypt. There are lots of Sudanese here in Egypt. They are either refugees, or they come for work because there is no work for them in Sudan.

His name is Deng, and he is very tall. I tried to take the picture with someone so you could tell how tall he was, but since our son Levi is so tall, you really can't tell. I should have had Levi take the picture of him with me.

Sudanese men are sought after for cleaners here. For one thing, they are strong and can move furniture if they have to. Also, they take pride in what they do.

He is a very quiet, mild-mannered young man. Every once in a while he will accept something to drink from us, but I have never known him to accept food.

It is very beneficial here in Egypt to have someone come in and clean at least once a week. No matter how well a person cleans here, the sand is a constant problem, and to have someone come in that one time a week helps keep the "sand" problem under control.


  1. All depends on what you call "tall". My son is 2m long, so to me all people under 2 m are not tall,lol !
    I am so happy that it is getting better in Egypt and above all that the tourists are coming back they are so much needed for the Egyptian economy !

  2. I had a maid in Indonesia that I paid $40 a month to come in for 2 hours a day (I lived alone) and do laundry, mop floors, make my bed, etc. I sure miss her! How I wish I could have one here in the USA with two kids staying at home. But they start at $50 an hour here! Yeah, that won't be happening!