Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Sad Beginning to 2011

I wanted to do a post on this a couple of days ago, but I didn't feel like it was a good way to "restart" my blog, or a good way to start off a new year. But I feel a "nagging" in my heart to go ahead and do this.

I know some of my readers already know about the awful event that took place here in Alexandria, Egypt on New Year's Eve, but there are probably some of you out there who don't. On New Year's Eve, a car bomb exploded outside of a church there. The last I heard there had been reported around 21 deaths, and many, many injuries. As I said in my title, this is such a sad way to begin 2011. My heart and my prayers go out to those who lost loved ones.

I do not know if the authorities know who was responsible for this horrible act, but I was encouraged when my husband showed me a video of Christians and Muslims alike protesting what had happened.

I'm not going to post any pictures. It is a sad enough event, and some of you may not want to see any, but if you would like to, I'm sure you can find the news articles on the internet.

I just wanted to post this in honor of all of those who lost their lives for the sake of their religion, and also to ask for everyone's prayers for their family members.

A friend on Facebook posted a picture of a young girl, only a couple of years older than my own daughter. Her last status on FB, before she went to that New Year's Eve Church service said something like "Jesus, I want to walk with you closer than ever in 2011", and I am sure she is.


  1. What a sad thing to happen, my dear friend. No, I didn't see or hear anything I don't have television. But my heart goes out to the bereaved of the victims of this senseless deed. Jo

  2. Yes, I heard about that on the news. And I saw today that there were protests in Cairo by the Christians saying that the government doesn't protect them enough.
    It's just awful and I'm so sorry Egypt had to start the new year with this event.
    Happy New Year anyway!

  3. Jo and Dedene, thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year to the both of you.

  4. It really is so terribly sad and a thoroughly awful start to the year.
    Ruby T