Monday, April 27, 2009

Our other family member!

Yesterday I posted about our family and even our kitty, who's name is Miss Kitty, but I didn't post a picture. So today, I thought I'd post a picture and tell you a little about her.

I love cats, but, just because a person loves cats means that just any cat would be a perfect pet for them. We have had several cats over the years. The first one we had was a Christmas gift from Tim and Levi. Her name is Angel. She was a wonderful cat, but unfortunately we did not keep her very long. We had her in the States, and when we came back to Egypt we decided that if we could find her a good home, she would stay in the States. Fortunately, she is still in the family. Tim's younger brother took her, so, when I go back to the States I still get to see her. The next cat we got was named Lion. We didn't get to keep her very long at all because our daughter lived with us at the time, and we found out at this time she was allergic to cats. The next cat was named Precious. We got her after our daughter left for the States. We had her quite a while, but Precious seemed to get meaner and meaner each day we had her. This was partly due to my oldest son. He would play rough with her, and eventually she got to rowdy for us to keep, so we took her to a local shelter here, and I have heard she was adopted again.

Now, to the cat we have now. Like I said before, her name is Miss Kitty. For you Americans out there that are old enough to remember this, there used to be a popular Western show on in the States called "Gunsmoke". There was a character on there named "Miss Kitty", and this is where I got the name. We adopted Miss Kitty from a shelter here in Cairo. I have heard there are several cat or animal shelters here in Egypt, but this is a special shelter. There is an organization called EMRO here. EMRO stands for Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization. Their web-site claims that Mau cats are the oldest known descendants of the domestic cats, existing since Pharaonic times, and are the only naturally occuring small spotted cat in the world. They are beautiful cats, and the aspect of their history intrigued my husband. Well, we went to this shelter and told them the type and temperament of cat we were looking for, and they immediately suggested Miss Kitty. Mau cats come in several colors, and Miss Kitty is a mixture of these colors, but to me, she is one of a kind and a very beautiful cat. I am so happy we went to this shelter and found her because she has been the perfect fit for our family. She is playful at times, but not overly hyper and mean as some cats we have had in the past. She is also a very loving cat, and even very obedient.

EMRO adopts cats out all over the world, and if you are interested in adopting a Mau, or just interested in just checking them out, here is there web-site:


  1. Hello Miss Kitty! The Mau cats are beautiful, how lucky you are to have found one, Jackie.
    You've gotten off to a great start on your new blog, can't wait to see more of Egypt and your adventures.

  2. She is just gorgeous, Jackie ! I love your header photo of you with the camel, too :)

  3. I love her! I wish I could meet Miss Kitty in real life! :) So glad I can follow your life on a blog!

  4. Is this Sarah as in Eve, or Sarah Menefee?