Monday, May 2, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend Getaway

Tim and I, on top of our building, with the sea in the background.

The retreat center had so many beautiful flowers. This is me, in front of a bunch of daisies, one of my favorites.

This is me and a very special little friend that I tried to spend as much time with as possible.

Levi playing soccer.

Every year, the church we attend goes to the North Coast on the Mediterranean for a retreat. Every year it seems more and more people go. This year, we had 180 people go. There are certain traditions, such as, capture the flag on the first night, a talent show the second night, and the "free ice cream for everyone" that one man buys each year for his son's birthday.

One thing that is nice about the retreat is that we get to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. There is nothing real pressing or stressful to worry about. There are daily activities, such as soccer, swimming and basketball, or you can choose to just sit around and visit with friends or make new friends. Another favorite past-time while we are there is to take an afternoon nap, usually unheard of in our busy lives back home.

Something else we have on this retreat is a daily message from the Pastor or a guest speaker, then we break into small groups and have discussion questions together. I know the guest speaker was a blessing to everyone, and his messages spoke directly to many. I know they spoke to me.

Another great thing about the retreat is that we have wonderful meals. All of the meals are Egyptian food, which I love. And it is great to be able to enjoy 3 days of it, especially not having to cook it myself.

The only bad thing about the retreat is that it is just not long enough. We stay 3 days and 3 nights, and it seems like those days and nights go by so quickly, and we soon find ourselves back in the city, going through the routine of everyday, normal life. But at least a few days away has given us a rest, a renewed energy, and a message from God to help us through it.

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