Sunday, April 10, 2011

Open House

This is the beautiful cabinets we had made when we first moved in.

You can get an idea of what our living room furniture looks like from this picture. Plus, this apartment holds loving memories of Miss Kitty.

This is the wonderful food court in our area.

The beautiful view I will miss when we move back into town.

About a month ago, maybe more, we decided to have an "Open House" at our apartment because we are selling all of our furniture. We also wanted a reason to just have our friends feel welcome to come and visit, so we scheduled it for April 9th. Well, most of our furniture was spoken for before April 9th even got here, but we had a great time visiting with a lot of friends.

We have some friends who are getting married this summer, and they came by to take a look at everything. They needed to do it earlier than April 9th because they had found an unfurnished apartment they were interested in, and they wanted to see our furniture so they would know if they liked it and could afford it in order to go ahead and sign the contract. Well, they ended up taking about 2/3s of our things. The only things we have left are the kitchen items, the washing machine, and 2 TVs. This has worked out well for us though, as we have decided to keep the washing machine, the stove, and a small refrigerator.

We also have someone that wants our car, so we feel like things are just falling into place for us.

We live outside the city right now, but we will be moving back into the city when we return from our visit to the States. We have already found a furnished apartment where our daughter will stay (probably with a room-mate), and we will store our items in another of the rooms. Our daughter has decided to stay another year or two and keep teaching (mostly 6th grade classes) at the school.

I will miss all of my lovely furniture we bought just about 3 years ago, but I know those things are just that "things". And besides that, most of our stuff is going to a lovely young couple. I know it will be put to good use.

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