Friday, April 30, 2010

A Nice Surprise!

Being a teacher can be stressful at times, but sometimes it can be very rewarding too. Last Monday was my birthday. After lunch time, I went back to my room to find it all decorated, a chocolate cake sitting there, and all of my kids jumped out from behind their desks and yelled "SURPRISE"!!!!! It was a wonderful day, full of chocolate cake, cheese cake, dinner out with my husband and son, and then another chocolate cake when we got home.

We will be flying back to the States here soon because my oldest son is graduating from high school. It will be a bitter-sweet time because I am looking so forward to seeing my son and daughter that are in the States, but my school year will be ending early, and I will miss this wonderful group of kids.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Jackie! How sweet of your children to surprise you. Glad you had a wonderful birthday. Will you return from the States? Have a blessed weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo - Back in the Sudan.

  2. Jo, yes we will be returning to Egypt, probably around the first of Sept. Our son who is graduating will be going into a military academy this Fall, and we wanted to be there to help him get a good start on things.