Friday, August 14, 2009

Several Reasons I Miss the States

I love kids, and I really love all of these little girls. They are just several little reasons I miss the States when I am overseas. The one I am holding, and the one behind me in the turquoise t-shirt are my nieces. The rest of them are my sister's best friend's little girls. Aren't they all sweet? They are sweet to look at anyway. They can be a bit of a hand-full and a bit mischevious when they are all together, but I miss them anyway.

If you notice, they are all wearing "Egypt" t-shirts. Even the baby, who is only 3 months old is wearing one.

I really hate missing out on their lives as they grow up, but most of them are at an age now where they pretty much remember me. I'm just happy about that, and I'm also happy that when I do return, I get so many hugs.


  1. They are all adorable! They all look so much alike, too.
    Stock up on lots of hugs, so you'll have something to take back home with you.

  2. Dedene, 5 of them are 1/2 mexican. The only one that isn't is the one in turquoise. She is the one my sister adopted.

  3. Keep plenty of pictures around, which I am sure you do.

  4. Jackie, the one thing I dislike about being an expat, is being so far away from family - I can relate so much to what you're saying ...

  5. Lynda, yes that is definately true, but I do have some family that is nice to be away from sometimes. ;o) I know that Tim and I seem to get frustrated when we are around our families for too long because of scheduling issues, jealousy issues, etc.